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June 22
One of the trustees, Chris, heard our Malian friend, Tenoussé, talk of the ‘hungry season‘.
Chris said ‘That is why, yet again, I‘m asking for sponsorship to run the Ilkley half marathon, with every penny raised going directly to help the people of Téréli. With your help BTFT will support them, with wells for water, medicines for the sick and, if needed, grain to tide them over until those better times come. Thank you.‘
You can donate online: Sponsor Chris
Do encourage Chris by sponsoring him – Ilkley Half Marathon – 10th July 2022.
Once again many thanks for your support

May 22
We are aware that once more there are going to be food shortages in the Dogon region during the coming months. Our friends in Téréli will keep us up to date with the situation.

April 22
BTFT are delighted that Ladies Please Choir will once again be performing during the Burley Summer Festival and raising money for BTFT. More details nearer the time.

March 22
We were delighted to hear that the wife of one of our key contacts, Tenoussé, has had twins. All doing well.

February 22
During the food shortage last year BTFT funded the distribution of millet to several villages. BTFT has received a detailed report showing this really did make a difference. Many thanks for the support.

January 22
The sale of Calendar, card and mugs etc. raised just over £2,000. Many thanks for the support.

December 21
The parcel of dresses and jumpers arrived safely in Bamako.
Calendar and Christmas card sales have gone well. In addition BTFT Mugs, Coasters and Key rings also available See photos
Do contact BTFT if you want more details

November 21
A parcel containing pillowcase dresses and knitted baby jumpers has been sent for the Maternity in Téréli.

October 21
All the repairs to the Dispensary have been completed.
The 2022 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now available – £6. Calendar 2022
Beautiful handcrafted Christmas cards are also on sale now – £2.50 for a pack of 3 cards. Christmas Cards
Contact Us if you would like cards or calendar.

September 21
During gales in August the roof of the Dispensary was blown off and solar panels smashed. BTFT have sent money for repairs.

August 21
The Mali Flag is flying on the Village Green and above the Queen's Hall to celebrate this friendship link which we have had for over 20 years.

July 21
Thank you to everyone who supported Team BTFT in the Ilkley Half Marathon. All 6 runners completed the run. Wonderful result – over £5,000 has been raised and donations are still coming in.
You can still donate online: Sponsor Team BTFT
Many thanks for all the support.

June 21
A team of 6 BTFT supporters are training hard for the Ilkley Half Marathon on July 11th. Money is being raised to help our friends in the Dogon area. Donations will go towards famine relief and well-digging, and to support healthcare and education in one of the poorest countries in the world.
You can donate online: Sponsor Team BTFT
Do encourage the team by sponsoring them.
Once again many thanks for your support

May 21
The pillowcase dresses have been sent and arrived safely in Bamako. See some of the dresses here
The task of distributing millet in the Téréli region has started.

April 21
Last September we were worried there would be food shortages in the Dogon area. We have received a request for help – millet needed to feed people until at least this coming September – when hopefully they have the next harvest.

March 21
Thanks to a great response – see February appeal – several pillowcase dresses are being made – ribbon and other trimmings have been shared. It is hoped we will be able to make about 30 dresses.

February 21
If anyone interested in sewing would like to make pillowcase dresses to be sent to Téréli – do get in touch. Instructions will be given on Zoom – pillowcases and trimmings provided. Do contact BTFT if you are interested.

January 21
BTFT is charity of the year at Burley Methodist Church. A Zoom Quiz will take place on February 6th.

December 20
BTFT trustees were delighted to have a Zoom meeting which included two Malian friends - Zakari and Tenoussé. It was possible to get updates on projects. Thanks for all the support – Calendars have sold out – Christmas cards still available.

November 20
There have been some very creative ideas for fundraising. Masks and bug hotels have been made. Calendars and cards still available.
A parcel with knitted baby garments has been sent for the Maternity in Téréli.

October 20
The 2021 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now available – £6. Calendar 2021
Beautiful handcrafted Christmas cards are also on sale now – £2.50 for a pack of 3 cards. Christmas Cards
Contact Us if you would like cards or calendar.

September 20
Thank you to everyone who supported the Emergency Appeal which will go towards buying millet. At the end of August we received details about the distribution of millet to the people from Guemeto who are now in Téréli. We also heard there have been fewer attacks and that peace talks have taken place - so there is a glimmer of hope.

August 20
A government in turmoil, the spread of lawlessness, cattle theft, murderous attacks on farmers, lack of water, climate change and Covid 19 have led to FEAR OF FAMINE for our friends in Téréli and the Dogon region. Please support our appeal to help. BURLEY TERELI FRIENDSHIP TRUST APPEAL

July 20
BTFT are preparing to launch an appeal in August. There is fear of fammine if crops are not planted.

June 20
The rainy season is approaching but people are afraid to go into the fields to plant crops incase of attack.

May 20
There are still many attacks in the Dogon region. People are afraid to leave their villages.

April 20
Very sadly there has been another attack – this time on Téréli. All the cattle were taken. 12 young people were killed trying to protect the cattle. Messages of sympathy have been sent from Burley.

March 20
News has reached BTFT of an attack on Guemeto a hamlet 4 km from Téréli. There is great concern for the safety of everyone in this area.

February 20
Jon Snow sent a video message which can be viewed on Burley Parish Council website. Video message from Jon Snow

January 20
The ‘On the Line‘ Burley–Téréli link will be celebrating 20 years of friendship on Sunday January 26 at 3.00pm – 4.30pm in the Parish Centre, Station Road, Burley in Wharfedale.

December 19
Do contact BTFT if you would like Christmas cards or the 2020 Burley–Téréli Calendar.

November 19
On November 9th there was a very enjoyable concert given by Pinsuti Chamber Choir in St. Mary‘s Parish Church at which BTFT provided refreshments. The evening provided an opportunity to promote the calendar and Christmas cards as well as raising money from the refreshments.

October 19
The 2020 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now available – £6. Beautiful handcrafted Christmas cards are also on sale now – £2.50 for a pack of 3. Contact Us if you would like cards or calendar.

September 19
This year the theme for Téréli Days was Peace. We have received photographs showing the activities during Téréli Days – tree planting, free medical consultations and presentation of awards.

August 19
The Ilkley Half Marathon – Team BTFT has raised over £6,000. A wonderful total. Many thanks to all involved - running or sponsoring.
Contact Us if you would like tickets for Ladies Please Choir concert. (full details in Local Events)

July 19
A message from Team BTFT – Ilkley Half Marathon was a great event, the weather was fine, not too hot, and our runners were cheered on throughout the route. We would like to thank all the Burley churches, families and friends for your amazing, generous support, both on the day and your donations to support Zakari and his colleagues as they strive to initiate a palliative care programme for cancer in Mali. So far we have raised over £4,500, which will make a real difference and is what helped to inspire us during the run.

June 19
Tickets available now for the Ladies Please Choir concert – 7.30pm – Thursday 22 August – during the Burley Summer Festival. The concert will be in Burley Methodist Church. Contact Us if you would like tickets.

May 19
A team of 11 BTFT supporters are training hard for the Ilkley Half Marathon. Money is being raised for much needed palliative care for cancer – in Bamako, Mali, West Africa.
You can donate online: Sponsor Team BTFT
Do encourage the team by sponsoring them.
Once again many thanks for your support

April 19
Ladies Please Choir have agreed to do another concert during the Burley Summer Festival. Tickets available from June.

March 19
Repairs are needed for the walls of the house where the head teacher of the primary school lives. In June 2017 the roof was repaired.

February 19
A team of BTFT supporters are preparing to do the Ilkley Half Marathon in July to raise money for a Palliative Care Centre in Bamako.

January 19
Two solar panels for the new Dispensary have been successfully installed. Photos have been received showing lights on in the building.

December 18
BTFT 2019 Calendar on sale as well as beautiful handcrafted Christmas cards.

November 18
Two BTFT trustees met up in Le Havre with a Malian friend and the French charity we work with ‘Coup de Pouce‘. A great opportunity to get the latest information on projects.

October 18
We have received photographs showing the activities during Téréli Days in September – tree planting, free medical consultations, meetings.......

September 18
Kate and Nat successfully completed the 15.1 mile North York Moors half marathon. Over £1,200 raised. What an achievement.

August 18
Plans are being made for ‘ Téréli Days ‘ in September. The focus will be on Malaria – prevention and treatment.

July 18
On Saturday September 29th two volunteers are doing the North York Moors Half Marathon to raise money for BTFT. Further details Sponsored Run

June 18
We have received photos showing the well has been completed. There was an evening in Burley with displays showing the Dispensary Extension and the well. Téréli Dispensary Extension 2015/2018

May 18
Plastering and painting have been completed in the Dispensary Extension. Work has started on a well nearby so there is access to clean water.

April 18
The equipment for schools in the Téréli area has arrived safely. We have received many photos.

March 18
News has come that the exterior for the ancillary building for the Dispensary Extension is now completed. Plastering and painting inside still needs to be done.

February 18
Books, pens, pencils and other items of stationery have been bought in Bamako ready to send to four schools in the Téréli area.

January 18
We were delighted to receive photos showing children playing and having fun with red beach balls which have been given to BTFT.

December 17
We were delighted to receive photos from Mali showing children wearing sandals and knitted garments which had been kindly given to BTFT.

November 17
During ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ two trustees met up with a Malian friend and the French charity we work with ‘Coup de Pouce‘ in Le Havre. It was a wonderful opportunity to get updates and plan for the future.

October 17
The 2018 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now available. It includes photographs of the ‘Tour de Yorkshire‘ going through the centre of Burley.

September 17
Members of AEERTPS returned to the Dogon region for ‘Téréli Days‘. They reported that the threshing machine needs to be repaired.

August 17
Once more during Burley Summer Festival, there was a Téréli Evening. Ladies Please Choir from Menston delighted everyone with a superb concert with music to suit all.

July 17
Photos received showing work completed on Headteacher‘s house. There were also photos of the Burley–Téréli Cup – the annual football tournament.

June 17
We heard that repairs were urgently needed on the house of the Headteacher of the Primary School in Téréli. During the rainy season last year he had to move his family into a classroom.

May 17
Zakari found his visit here very worthwhile - visiting many hospitals. He returned to Dakar via London where he met up with Jon Snow.

April 17
A visit was organised for Dr. Zakari Saye to stay in Burley and observe cancer care in this region.

March 17
Work has started breaking stones ready for the ancillary building to improve facilities. Local people will help with this until the rainy season when they are needed on the land.

February 17
More photos have been received – this time school equipment, bought in Bamako, ready to be transported to the Dogon area.

January 17
We have received photographs showing baby vests and jumpers, knitted in Burley, which have been taken to Téréli.

December 16
A request has been received for school equipment. This is for several schools in the Téréli area.

November 16
Two trustees met up with a Malian colleague for ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ in Le Havre. It was good to get news of the Dispensary extension - how it will function in conjunction with the main Dispensary.

October 16
The 2017 calendar is on sale as well as beautiful hand crafted Christmas Cards. As usual the calendar shows life in Burley as well as Téréli.

September 16
Photos have been received showing the Dispensary extension. The main building is finished and has been freshly painted.

August 16
Once more, as part of the Burley Summer Festival, there was a Téréli Evening. Ladies Please Choir from Menston delighted us all with a superb concert with music to suit all.

July 16
The hard work of breaking stone and transporting it from the cliffs to the Dispensary extension has started. This is needed for ancillary buildings. Photographs showing all the stone have been received.

June 16
Great news – the main building for the Dispensary extension was finished at the end of the month. Photographs will be sent showing the finished building.

May 16
We have received photographs showing the equipment which has recently been bought for the Maternity in Téréli.

April 16
We have had an update on the building of the Dispensary extension in Téréli. Work is progressing but it will take a month or two to finish.

March 16
We have been able to respond to a request for equipment for the Maternity in Téréli.

February 16
We have received photographs showing equipment recently bought for 4 schools in the Téréli region.

January 16
A ‘Friends of Téréli‘ evening took place in Burley. This was well attended – there were updates about projects followed by discussions on fundraising etc..

December 15
As usual the BTFT 2016 Calendar and Christmas Cards have been on sale since August. Calendars are available in Burley Library.

November 15
During November two trustees met up with Malian friends for ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ in Le Havre. Our Malian friends were able to give updates on various projects in Téréli, including the Maternity and the Motorcycle Ambulance. This has been used 35 times during the last year to get Mums to hospital.

October 15
We have received photos showing the Dispensary extension. It is good to see the progress that is being made – even though many people are now working on the land.

September 15
Members of AEERTPS returned to the Dogon region for ‘Téréli Days‘. As well as giving free medical consultations members of AEERTPS organised several events, including planting trees near the Dispensary extension which is being built.

August 15
As part of the Burley Summer Festival on August 27th there was a Téréli Evening. Ladies Please Choir from Menston delighted us all with a superb concert with music to suit all.

July 15
We were delighted that Jon Snow was able to come to Burley to help celebrate what has been achieved during the last 15 years. He spent time Burley and Woodhead Primary School, met with supporters in Burley Library. There was then the chance to hear Jon speak and listen to Shine Youth Gospel Choir in Burley Methodist Church. It was a wonderful celebration.

June 15
The Burley–Téréli Football Cup will take place this month. This annual event is now in its 5th year.

May 15
We have had photos sent showing the work done on the Maternity and in the school. Our friends in Téréli send their thanks to everyone who has supported these projects.

April 15
Work has started breaking stones ready for the first phase of the Dispensary extension. Local people will help with this until the rainy season when they are needed on the land.

March 15
A request was made for funds for the Maternity to replace the roof and add an additional room using part of the veranda. AEERTPS found temporary premises for the midwife during the refurbishment. The work took place during February and March.

February 15
Repairs to Téréli Secondary School roof and two classroom floors were carried out during the school holidays at the end of December and early January.

January 15
We are celebrating 15 years of linking with Téréli. Look at ‘Projects‘ on this website to see how much has been achieved working with our Malian friends, ‘Coup de Pouce‘ from Le Havre and the Joliba Trust (UK). Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped BTFT in any way over the past 15 years.

December 14
It has been decided that extending the Dispensary is the top priority for the coming year. The hope is eventually to achieve Health Centre status with the possibility of getting a doctor in Téréli.

November 14
During ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ two trustees met up with two Malian friends and the French charity we work with ‘Coup de Pouce‘ in Le Havre. It was a wonderful opportunity to get updates and plan for the future.

October 14
The 2015 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now available. It includes photographs of ‘Le Tour de France‘ going through Burley. During the summer many people have admired small model bicycles sent by our Malian friends.

September 14
Members of AEERTPS returned to the Dogon region for ‘Téréli Days‘. As well as giving free medical consultations members of AEERTPS organised events stressing the importance of Education.

August 14
We have received many photographs of the Burley–Téréli Football Cup.

July 14
Even though Téréli has a Dispensary and a Maternity there are times when patients need to be taken to hospital. A motorcycle ambulance has been bought to take patients to Sangha or Bandiagara.

June 14
A hulling machine has been bought which will separate the husks from the grain of the millet and sorghum. This will alleviate the workload of women.

May 14
Further equipment has been bought for the Dispensary. This includes a new battery for the solar panel, a stretcher, chairs for people waiting to be seen – especially those who have walked some distance to the Dispensary.

April 14
For the last 3 years there has been a football tournament in Téréli where teams from local schools compete for the Burley–Téréli Friendship Cup. Once more this will take place before the end of the school year.

March 14
Teachers have moved into the new accommodation. Another teacher has been recruited for Téréli Secondary School – for Maths and Physics. Small items of equipment have been bought for the schools - pens, pencils, books....

February 14
We have received a very detailed report about the Dispensary. It gives information about the types of illness, villages using the Dispensary, number of consultations etc.. It is very encouraging to see how much has been achieved.

January 14
Message from Zakari –
At this start of a new year, I particularly wanted, through this message, to wish all my friends a good and happy new year – 2014.
May 2014 bring to us all good health, peace, joy and love one for another. I am taking advantage of the end of the year to say ‘Thank you‘ for all your support for me and for all the people of Téréli and the surrounding district.‘

December 13
During November two trustees met up with a Malian friend during ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ in Le Havre. He was able to give updates on various projects in Téréli. The Dispensary is being used by many people in the area. The Teachers Accommodation has been finished. At the end of the week one of the trustees travelled with ‘Coup de Pouce‘ to Senegal to visit Zakari who is studying in Dakar.

November 13
On November 3rd, in St. Mary‘s Parish Church, there was a wonderful evening of African Songs of Praise. The evening provided an opportunity to promote the calendar and Christmas cards as well as raising money for BTFT.

October 13
We have received photographs showing progress on the accommodation for the teachers. Two houses are nearly finished and the stones have been broken for the other two houses.

September 13
A health awareness programme about Malaria was organised by AEERTPS for Téréli and the surrounding villages.

August 13
Former Mali Prime Minister Mr. Keita won the Presidential Election.
As part of the Burley Summer Festival on August 20th there was a Téréli Evening. Drawings by youngsters in Téréli were on display as well as many Dogon artefacts.

July 13
The first round of the Malian Presidential Election took place on July 28th. As no candidate gained the 50 percent needed for victory, a run–off between the top two candidates will take place on August 11th.
Fortunately it has started raining again.

June 13
We were pleased to hear that the rain came in early June but concerned that there were then 3 weeks without rain.

May 13
Progress is being made on the accommodation for the teachers in Téréli. The hard work of breaking the stone has started. So far 2000 stones have been broken. There are 3000 more to do. Two members of AEERTPS have recently been to Téréli to supervise the start of the building.

April 13
We have received photos of the equipment which has been bought for the schools in Téréli. This includes exercise books, pencils, rulers etc..

March 13
An appeal from the Joliba Trust –
‘Although it received no news coverage, there were unprecedented floods in our area in late 2012, which meant that many villages lost their traditional, earth-dug wells which filled with soil. In some of these villages, women are now having to spend as much as 20 hours a day collecting water. They are really desperate and asking for our help in 11 villages. It costs just £2,000–2,500 per village to reinstate these wells and upgrade them to safe, cement wells, which provide clean water.‘
We were able to send £2,000 to Joliba and have been informed that work on the reinstallation of 4 wells, all in Bondo district, has begun – Orowara, Ombo, Dorou, Doyel. We have been asked by Joliba to thank everyone involved with BTFT for their support.

February 13
Work is starting at the end of this month to break the stone in preparation for the building of the Téréli accommodation for teachers. This hard work is done by the men from Téréli and nearby villages.
To get the latest information on events in Mali visit Mali Interest Hub

January 13
During the last few weeks there have been many expressions of concern about our friends in Téréli and the Dogon area of Mali. Zakari has told us about the anxiety felt in the villages but since the insurgent advance has been stopped our friends feel safer. Displaced people who arrived from the North needed food and shelter. We have been asked to thank all those who donated during the food crisis last year. This has helped with the feeding of some refugees. Our hope is that a peaceful resolution to the conflict can be found as soon as possible.

December 12
Last month, during ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ in Le Havre, members of BTFT met up with friends from Mali. Bandages, pens, pencils and knitted vests were given for the community in Téréli. We have received photographs showing that these gifts arrived safely in Téréli.

November 12
On November 9th, in St. Mary‘s Parish Church, there was a concert given by the Pinsuti Choir to raise money for Mali. The Concert included the Monteverdi ‘Magnificat‘, Bach ‘Lobet den Herrn‘ and sacred and secular music by Gibbons, Parry and Elgar. Superb singing, wonderful music, a concert full of delights. Thank you Pinsuti for sharing your time, talents and a treasure trove of choral music for our good cause

October 12
We have received news that AEERTPS had a successful meeting in Téréli in September. It was decided that money given by Burley Methodist Church should be used to build accommodation for teachers. As a result of damage caused by heavy rain houses used by teachers have been washed away. Work on the new accommodation will start early 2013. Photographs showing tree planting, free medical consultations and work in the Dispensary have been received.

September 12
A further £1,000 has been sent to the Joliba Trust to help with the Food Crisis. Grain has been given to women who are very weak now, and have no means of support in their families. They have been living on haricot bean leaves and wild sorrel. They will each receive half a sack of millet.
The 2013 Burley–Téréli Calendar is now on sale as well as Christmas cards and notelets. [more]

August 12
On August 21st many people attended an enjoyable evening which was part of the Burley Summer Festival. Latest photographs were shown and there were activities from the recently published Resource Pack.
Teas for Téréli – this very successful event was held on a sunny afternoon on August 28th in a beautiful garden in Burley. Over £700 was raised for the Food Crisis in the Dogon area.

July 12
£2,000 has been sent to AEERTPS to help with the food crisis. Millet will be bought for distribution to those in need in the villages surrounding Téréli. £750 was also sent to the Koro region.

June 12
We have received an appeal from AEERTPS asking for help. This region has the worst food crisis for many years and help is urgently needed.

May 12
We have received more details about the Dispensary in Téréli. During the first three months since the refurbishment 316 patients have had consultations. People in several nearby villages have been helped.

April 12
Following the recent coup in Mali, an interim government is again in place until there are democratic elections. Our work in Téréli continues as normal.

March 12
It is one year since the death of Dogolou Saye - Téréli Village Chief. A Memorial Service was organised in the village.
We have received several photographs showing the well equipped Dispensary.

February 12
We have been delighted to get news about the Dispensary in Téréli. There is a Management Committee. We have been sent details of the constitution.

January 12
Our friends from Joliba have told us that as a small organization with staff in rural areas, there is a lot they can do to help villages with no harvest. They can invest in cost-effective measures such as setting up grain stores while the price of grain is low, support credit, income-generation and food-for-work schemes, to help prevent a food crisis. £3,000 has been sent by BTFT to help the Joliba Trust with these measures.

December 11
Although there has been a lot less rain than was hoped for in the Dogon Region, the harvest in Téréli has been good. Environmental projects organized by the Joliba Trust have made a significant difference. However there are many villages where there has been no harvest. Our friends in Téréli have told us that there is a ‘Spirit of Solidarity‘ in the Dogon and more fortunate places ( like Téréli ) will try to ensure that their Brothers and Sisters do not go hungry.

November 11
In France ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ is very similar to ‘One World Week‘. This year 2 members of AEERTPS, Pierre Saye and Atimé Saye, were invited by Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga to speak at meetings in Le Havre. A representative from BTFT was also invited to Le Havre. It was a good opportunity for everyone to be able to discuss the projects together.

October 11
A male nurse has started work at the Dispensary in Téréli. A girl will join him when she has finished a period of probation at Sangha where she is learning the sale of medicines.
During the AEERTPS meeting in September small repairs had to be undertaken at Téréli Secondary School.

September 11
AEERTPS had a successful meeting in Téréli. Photographs showing work on the Dispensary as well as the new medical equipment have been received. Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga in Le Havre have financed much of this with help from Burley.( Find out more Téréli Dispensary 2011)

We were delighted to get news of the football tournament which was organised by Téréli Secondary School. The Burley Cup had widespread support and it is hoped that a similar event will take place next year.

August 11
We have received a report from AEERTPS with information about its annual meeting which will take place in Téréli on the 7th, 8th and 9th September. There will be a health awareness programme stressing the importance of hygiene as there has been an outbreak of cholera in the Mopti region.

July 11
During the last year Burley United Reformed Church has raised £1055 for projects in Téréli. Some of this has gone towards the Medical Equipment and work on the Dispensary in Téréli

June 11
In addition to making DVDs mentioned last month the same youngsters are working on books to illustrate some of the topics which include: water, environment, education, health and culture. One of the DVDs was shown at the Pictureville Cinema in the Media Museum in Bradford. This was part of a Celebration Day organised by EdCreates and Education Bradford showcasing 50 projects from the Bradford area.

May 11
For several weeks we have been working on two DVDs with children of Years 5&6 at Burley Oaks Primary School and Burley and Woodhead CE Primary School. These DVDs are being made with the help of EdCreates and Education Bradford.

April 11
We have some very special news of Zakari whom some of you have supported over the years or will remember from his visits to Burley in 2001 and 2009. On April 30th he married Bernadette whom he met at University. She is now qualified and works as a Pharmacist. They are also celebrating the birth of a baby girl called Marie Lucie Yatemelou Saye. We have sent them our love and congratulations at the start of their new life together.

March 11
During the last few months money has been raised for Medical Equipment for the Dispensary in Téréli. Last year the Dispensary was damaged in the rainy season. Members of AEERTPS have repaired the damage and Medical Equipment has now been taken to Téréli.

February 11
Pens, pencils and exercise books have ben bought in Bamako. Two members of AEERTPS have taken them to Téréli Primary School. We have also been able to support The Joliba Trust in the work they are doing to stabilize sand dunes. Donations sent include £500 from St. Mary‘s Parish Church.

January 11
In October we realized the Primary School in Téréli needed pens, pencils and exercise books. Money has been raised for each pupil to have this equipment for the start of each term in 2011.

December 10
We have had news from Pel informing us that the well surround has been completed at the kindergarten in Koro. We have also received three good photographs showing the completed well.

November 10
In France ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ is very similar to ‘One World Week‘. Many events are organised and speakers from developing countries are invited. For the fifth time Zakari Saye from Téréli was invited by Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga to speak at several meetings in Le Havre. Representatives from BTFT were also invited to Le Havre. It was a good opportunity for everyone to be able to discuss the projects together.

October 10
We have received a report from AEERTPS about their recent meeting. Some of the points made in the report are listed below.
True to its tradition, the AEERTPS organised its annual meeting for the 12th, 13th and 14th September at Téréli, in the Dogon country of Mali. The aim of this meeting was, like all the previous years, to take stock of all the activities of raising the awareness of all the people about the different areas for development - education, health and the environment and also for defining projects. This year our two faithful partners (Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga in Le Havre and Burley / Téréli Friendship Trust) have been as generous with their funding as we could have wished.
At the end of this meeting, this is what we have done -
1 30 trees were planted in the school yard of the Second Cycle.
2 162 people have been seen in the clinic at Téréli and have received free medication.
3 The best pupils have received prizes - a bike for the top of their class and a bag, pens and pencils for those who came second and third in their class.
4 400 books have been delivered to the Second Cycle. (Whilst these were being handed over, the Head of the First Cycle told us that they had no funds for exercise books and pens for their children.)
Besides this we can also note that -
There have been some very heavy rains in the Dogon country. Houses and granaries have fallen down in some places, especially on the plain. Lots of our activities could not take place because of the rain. On the other hand, we rejoice for the farming. Everything is green. There haven‘t been any locusts and we are looking forward to a very good harvest.
The Dogon country, first tourist destination in West Africa, has been struck by security problems. Tourism is the first source of income after farming. So the absence of tourists has affected every sector of the Dogon country: - guides, camp-site managers and restaurants, mask-dancers, sculptors and tradesmen. This sector (occupation) was keeping the young people in the villages but many of the youths have already taken the road to the big cities and are even thinking of emigrating.

September 10
Zakari has sent us news from Bamako. ‘I am with an NGO, ‘Association Solidarite Mali‘ It is based in Bamako. It works on several projects. I work in the health section- prevention and struggle against diabetes, the fight against the mutilation of women and the care of street children. Since it is a new NGO there are as yet no funds to take care of its staff. My role is to make mass screening for diabetes and to take care of them (the patients). So at the moment I am screening for diabetes amongst the elders of Bamako. For the struggle against female circumcision, we are only raising awareness. With the street children, we are responsible for their health care and direct them to reception centres. (shelters, refuges etc)‘
In Téréli AEERTPS organised its annual meeting for the 12th, 13th and 14th September.

August 10
Recently Melinda Csenki returned from Norway where she is studying music and offered a Summer Concert at the URC. Everything was very last minute but her wonderful violin playing accompanied by David Moxon brought much pleasure as well as a boost to our funds. We were also delighted to take part in the Burley Summer Festival to show three films on the theme Destination Téréli. It was a good opportunity to explore the village and the culture of the Dogon region.

July 10
A sponsored walk organised by the Parish of SS John Fisher and Thomas More took place on July 11th. A grand total of £700 was raised. Thank you to all our friends who took part and all who sponsored them.

June 10
The final installment of 400 books has been bought for Téréli Secondary School. This brings the total to 1,000 books. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this project.

May 10
A meeting took place in London organized by the Mali Interest Group. Many charities, working in Mali, shared information and discussed issues related to the work being done.

April 10
While Zakari was in Téréli he took photographs of the school garden. He has emailed these photographs since his return to Bamako. They show vegetables growing and what has been achieved in the school garden with the money sent in October.

March 10
Zakari's father, Dogolou, has been ill for some time. Sadly this great village leader died on March 6th. Our thoughts are with his family and all the people in Téréli.

February 10
We have been able to support literacy work undertaken by the Joliba Trust. £857 will provide training for 45 days for those involved in this work.

January 2010
We have received greetings from Pel wishing a good and happy New Year for 2010, lots of peace, joy, good health, prosperity and long life. F. Léon explained he saw the information about the well that we financed at Koro and now the well is finished and he will send the reports with photos to support them. He says through me, the children of the kindergarten, their teachers and their parents thank you and may the Almighty repay you a hundred times over for your kind deeds. We always trust in you and I continue to pray for you. Once again, thank you very much, we will be in touch again soon.

December 09
The Burley-Téréli 2010 Calendar has sold well. A copy of the calendar can be seen in Burley Library.

November 09
Members of ‘Coup de Pouce‘, the charity from Le Havre that we work with, travelled to Bamako at the end of October. With Zakari they were able to buy the books for Téréli Secondary School with the money we sent. They hired a vehicle and transported all the books to the school. Watch the video of books being delivered. The first part is in French but Zakari speaks in English towards the end.Téréli Secondary School

October 09
£500 has been sent for seeds and tools for the garden project at Téréli Secondary School. In addition £1,000 has been sent so the first installment of books can be sent to Téréli Secondary School for the start of the academic year.

September 09
We have received details of books needed for the Téréli Secondary School as well as information about the school garden project and the costs involved.

August 09
A film was shown at the ‘Burley Summer Festival‘ part of which was filmed in Téréli and which featured Zakari's brother Atimé. There were displays showing the many artefacts and gifts we have received from the Dogon.

July 09
The doctors who were travelling overland have arrived safely in Bamako and met up with Zakari. Great news from Téréli - students in Year 9 have all been successful in the national examination DEF( diplome d‘études fondamentales).

June 09
Zakari had a full programme of events in Burley.(Zakari‘s visit to Burley ) Dr. Pam Selby, and other donors, were able to equip him with several pieces of medical kit. In London he met doctors who were about to travel overland to Mali with medical equipment. Zakari will meet up with them when they arrive in Bamako.

May 09
Zakari had to travel to Dakar in Senegal to get a visa. Eventually on May 22nd he had visa & flight tickets and arrived at Heathrow May 26th.
On May 29th there was an opportunity for everyone to celebrate his great achievement of qualifying as a doctor. He also brought good news from Téréli. The sinking of the well has been successful and there is plenty of water in the new well.(Téréli Secondary School Well )

April 09
We are hoping to invite Zakari to Burley to celebrate the fact that he has qualified as a doctor. Work has started on the well that is needed at the new secondary school in Téréli.

March 09
Great news - Zakari has qualified as a doctor. He has achieved his Medical Degree with Distinction. He wishes to thank all the people who have supported him while he has been at university.

February 09
An American organisation ‘The Tandana Foundation ‘ sent this message after visiting Téréli.
‘We had a wonderful trip to Mali. I feel so grateful for all that we experienced. We did visit Téréli briefly and met the new director of the Premier Cycle. He and Isaac, (2nd cycle director) have a very good working relationship. They are working together on the garden. They have started potatoes and a few other vegetables, as well as a few fruit trees, but they are looking for more seeds. Isaac told me about the well he hopes to dig inside the garden. We did visit the classrooms, and I will try to send a few photos. Everyone at Téréli as well as Timothee, send their best greetings to you.‘

January 09
Sékou Diarra sends New Year greetings to the people of Burley. Sékou
There was a Téréli Exhibition in Burley United Reformed Church January 30th - February 1st showing what has been achieved during the last few years.

December 08
At the end of November representatives from BTFT were able to attend a conference in London organised by the Malian Community Council and Mali Development Group. Another charity there, Mali-Medics, was wanting to make contact with doctors in Bamako as an expedition is being planned. Zakari has since made contact with them. Zakari has completed his thesis.

November 08
In France ‘La Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale‘ is very similar to ‘One World Week‘. Many events are organised and speakers from developing countries are invited. For the third time Zakari Saye from Téréli was invited to speak at several meetings in Le Havre. A colleague Atimé Saye also accompanied Zakari this time. Representatives from BTFT also travelled to Le Havre. It was a good opportunity for everyone to be able to discuss the projects together.

October 08
Much needed furniture and equipment for the secondary school in Téréli has been bought ready for the start of the school year.

September 08
The annual health awareness project took place inTéréli 12th - 14th September.
12th September the themes was the importance of educating girls.
13th September the theme was about hygiene and the importance of washing hands with soap.
14th September there was prize giving to the pupils at the school.
Over the three days there were 400 free consultations in the dispensary.

August 08
Zakari and other members of AEERTPS have been preparing for their annual health awareness project in Téréli. This will take place early in September when members of ‘Coup de Pouce‘ travel to the area.

July 08
Year 9 students at the secondary school in Téréli have had the results of their national D.E.F.(Diplome d‘Etudes Fondamentales) Examinations. All but one of the students passed their examinations.

June 08
The French charity ‘Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga‘ spent a week in Burley. On Monday 9th June, in St. Mary‘s Parish Centre, there was the opportunity for people from Burley to meet our French visitors. There was discussion about one of the problems Zakari has mentioned - lack of water at the school. We think that another well and/or deepening the existing well may be possibilities. We need advice from the organisation Zakari belongs to - A.E.E.R.T.P.S.

May 08
We have received photographs from Abbé Noel showing the new well at Ogosaye. Our news in February gave details of the well and the need to replace the traditional well.

April 08
Great news - The Hilden Charitable Fund have awarded us another £5,000. This means work on the toilets, office and making tables/desks for the classrooms can proceed. It will also help get a solar panel.

March 08
Good news has come from Zakari. Many people will be aware that there have been problems and that Zakari has been struggling to make progress with his thesis. We have heard that he is now able to continue with his thesis. Hopefully at the end of this Zakari will qualify as a doctor.

February 08
When we visited Mali in January 2007 our programme included a visit to the village of Ogosaye. We were appalled by the dirty brown water from their traditional well. As this had no lining it was too dangerous for anyone to descend. Another well was needed but at 75 metres deep and £70 per metre the cost was great. BTFT were able to give a donation towards the cost and has received the following message from Abbé Noel at Pel ‘Thanks to your aid the well of Ogosaye has finished - with lots of water. The whole village is celebrating. Thank you very much on behalf of the village of Ogosaye and the Parish of Pel. May God go with you as well as with all your churches.‘

January 08
Zakari visited the school in Téréli and sent the following details.

Enrolment in the secondary school
Year 7 - Total 154 pupils - 93 boys 61 girls
Year 8 - Total 61 pupils - 42 boys 19 girls
Year 9 - Total 28 pupils - 18 boys 10 girls
In total there are 243 pupils 153 boys and 90 girls. Numbers for year 9 are smaller as the transfer for some pupils came too late.

Number of teachers
These number 4 - two men and two women. 3 are paid by the state and one woman teacher by the people. For the salary of the last mentioned teacher, the parents of the pupils pay 5000cfa per child - £5
NB After 3 months teaching the young French volunteer has a position in France.

December 07
A gift of £500 has been given by St. Mary‘s Parish Church. This wil be used for desks and other equipment needed at the school.

November 07
November 6th two of us from BTFT travelled to Le Havre. We were met off the boat by Maryvonne and Claude Boulanger from ‘Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga‘. Once more we were able to surprise Zakari, by our presence in France, when he flew into Paris to take part in a programme of speaking engagements in the Haute-Normandie region. At a conference in the Provincial Government Building in Rouen Zakari spoke about the joint venture of Malian, French and English working together to secure secondary education for the area around Téréli.
Téréli Secondary School opened in October. Such is the demand for education they have been overwhelmed by the number of pupils.
154 in year 7, 61 in year 8, 28 in year 9.
Those living up to 12 kms -7.5 miles- walk each day while those living further than 12 kms. board in the village. Those who can, provide cereal for the host family. Pupils, if they are able, contribute to the cost of books and pencils etc.. There are 3 Malian teachers and a teacher from France who is working in a voluntary capacity for a year.
Desks, equipment, an office for the Director and most urgently latrines are still needed.

There was a Téréli Exhibition in Salem United Reformed Church November 23rd - 24th showing what has been achieved during the last few years. Exhibition

October 07
The teachers have been appointed and the Secondary School in Téréli has opened.

September 07
Great news - the building of the three classrooms has been completed. There is still much to be done - purchasing of equipment, building of toilets and the office - but it is hoped pupils will start for 2007/8 school year. Classrooms

August 07
Zakari and other members of AEERTPS have been preparing for their annual health awareness project in Téréli. This will take place early in September when members of ‘Coup de Pouce‘ travel to the area.

July 07
Flash floods have caused devastation in the area round Bandiagara. Many houses, crops, small dams etc. have been destroyed.

June 07
Our fund-raising received a huge boost this month. The Hilden Charitable Fund gave a grant of £5,000 to help with the building of the classrooms. The combined efforts of Burley-Téréli Friendship Trust and 'Coup de Pouce', the group in Le Havre, has raised £16,500. We still need to raise £6,500.

May 07
At the end of May some photographs showing the progress on the classrooms were emailed to us. Zakari‘s brother Emanuel has a tourist agency and took the photographs on a recent visit. Classrooms

April 07
Zakari is making progress with his thesis but needs several medical books to help him. Work has started on the walls of the classrooms

March 07
The work on the classroom foundations continues. Men are also breaking stone ready for the walls. This is very hard work.

February 07
The following letter has been sent to Burley Community Council
Greetings to the members of Burley Community Council
It is with a very great joy that we have had the chance to meet the best friends of our lives. We have been able to catch up on your news. Thank you very much for all the good things that you are doing for us. Mary and John Wood and Anne Parker have brought news from all of the different communities. They have been the ambassadors of Burley.
We sincerely believe in our friendship. We pray to Almighty God that our friendship will last for eternity. We acknowledge all the help that you have given us for the development of our dear village. Already there have been several results of your financial help: the maternity, the well, the cereals etc. for the school canteen and also your support for the building of the three classrooms. You have the thanks of the whole population of Téréli. We are extremely grateful to you. Yet one more time we are entrusting ourselves to you.
In joy we send to you our most friendly greetings. Thanks very much.
Very best wishes
For the village
Monsieur Dogolou Saye (Village Chief)

January 07
Work has started on the extra 3 classrooms needed for the introduction of secondary education in Téréli and the surrounding area. Extra funding is still needed for the buildings to be completed.
Mary & John Wood and Anne Parker visited Mali. 2007 visit to Mali

December 06
During the last 7 years the friendship between the villages of Burley in Wharfedale and Téréli has blossomed. We have now gained charitable status and in future will be called Burley - Téréli Friendship Trust.
Money has been raised through the sale of the Burley -Téréli Calendar to help fund the building of 3 extra classrooms. These are for the school in Téréli so youngsters in that area can get secondary education. In addition Burley Community Council very generously donated £500.

November 06
Zakari was invited to Le Havre by the French Group, ‘Coup de Pouce pour les Enfants de Daga‘, who have given great support to the health awareness projects in Téréli. During his stay Zakari talked about Education and Public Health issues in Mali - at the University in Le Havre, in the local Further Education College and on Radio Apple Pie, a local radio station in Le Havre.
On Tuesday November 14th he thought he was going to meet some French colleagues but to Zakari's surprise John Wood was there. John had gone to Le Havre to take part in their International Solidarity Week - Zakari being one of the speakers. It was also an opportunity for John to meet people from ‘Coup de Pouce‘.

October 06
We were delighted to hear that Zakari has passed his exams. He writes ‘I thank the Lord and all of you who helped me. You should know that my result is yours too, as you‘ve always taken a full part in my medical training.‘

September 06
Sébastien Boulanger and his Mum Maryvonne took part in the health awareness project organised by AEERTPS. They are members of the association 'Coup de Pouce pour les enfants de Daga'. The following is an extract from their report about what was achieved.
- Free consultations in the health care centre (orthopaedic material and medicines brought with us on our journey)
- Planting trees to preserve the environment
- Sessions of clearing the sites (for the new buildings)
- Organising games of question and answer on the subjects ~hygiene and eye infections - health and reproduction~
- Traditional dance evenings
- Meeting with local people involved in the event (Head of school in Téréli the teachers, reps. from the Parents of pupils association, the village chiefs, the town councillors and staff from the health centre)
-General meeting of AEERTPS
The main question to be tackled by all the local people was about the construction of 3 classrooms to create the secondary cycle of education. The project is supported enthusiastically by everyone and we have had confirmation of the villages support to do the labouring.

August 06
Much work has to be done this month in preparation for the health awareness project in September. Diseases of the eye will be one of the topics for this year's project.

July 06
Zakari's examinations take place during this month. He has now completed six years. He has one year left when he will be doing his thesis.

June 06
Youngsters have to leave the school in Téréli at the age of 12 and travel many miles to further their education. Very few are able to do this. A.E.E.R.T.P.S. (the Association of pupils, students and friends from Téréli and Pégué) is hoping to raise money for three additional classrooms to the school in Téréli so that secondary education can be provided. We have received plans and estimates for the work. A group in Le Havre ‘Coup de Pouce pour les enfants de Daga‘ is also helping raise money. It is A.E.E.R.T.P.S. who organise the health awareness projects each September.

May 06
Zakari has written telling us of the project which they hope to organise in September in Téréli.
'I am actually working quite hard on the success of this meeting; we are discussing the choice of theme at the moment as we have actually thought of two:
1. Illnesses caused by water and the hygiene in the Dogon region
2. the role of the young in the abandonment of the practice of female circumcision'

April 06
On April 3rd the last Lent Lecture had "Our Link with Mali' as its title. Deborah Hutchinson did a wonderful presentation about the Joliba Trust. We have received the following messages:-
From Jon Snow
The link between Burley and Téréli has sustained and blossomed beyond my dreams. When we thought of 'On The Line' ahead of the millennium celebrations we always hoped we could create long term links between peoples living in the same time zones across the world. In the end most of our linking efforts were concentrated in the year 2000 itself. The funding was only available in that year. But in common with five or six other projects in Britain, Burley/Téréli determined to carry on. I feel incredibly proud of what has been achieved and humbled by the efforts of both communities. My ambition remains one day to visit both ends of this link...but my 'day job' intrudes to prevent me, as this year. I wish I could share events on April 3rd, but I'll be thinking of both communities anyway. Have a wonderful day..you are the future!
From Zakari
Dear friends of ‘On the Line‘ in Burley in Wharfedale
It is a great pleasure for me to share with you my feelings about the link which has existed between us for about seven years. I rejoice today to put into words for myself and for all the people of Téréli all the feelings we have had, that we have now and which we shall continue to have always towards you and to share these with you.
The emotion is great, so great that after these years an account can be made of our link but before that let us give thanks to the good God who has let us live these marvellous moments together. On thinking back this friendship between Burley in Wharfedale and Téréli has been possible thanks to contact between Mary & John Wood and Zakari Saye before the ‘On the Line‘ project when Zakari was doing his secondary - school studies at the Catholic Parish Mission in the region of Pel - (which is a Christian Aid Partner.) After several years of exchanging letters between Zakari and the couple, the big day came when the Woods came to Mali for the first time in 2000. For a week there was a real harmony between the couple and the people of Téréli. This first contact was therefore the point of departure for the link. It was then an honour for me to be invited to visit Burley in Wharfedale in 2001, where I discovered what a beautiful place you have. The school was, and remains, one of the central points of the link. The activities between the schools in Burley and the one in Téréli are greatly centred on the exchange of drawings and letters, not forgetting the help Burley gives every year to the school in Téréli for educational equipment and the maintenance of the class-rooms and teachers‘ houses.
Your support has also seen the provision of the school meals in a canteen in the school at Téréli where more than 200 children eat a free meal every day. Children come to this canteen from the villages of Sono, Komokan, Nakomo, Dagha and are given priority. Since its beginnings in 1984 the school in Téréli was without water until the day when your money completely paid for the Well which is actually still a source of water for all the pupils and also for the teachers families. These last mentioned do not have far to go to find something to drink! Trees at the school are also watered by the water from this well. I must point out to you that since its beginning this well has had no problems whatsoever. Everything works brilliantly.
Today human lives are saved every day thanks to the building of the Maternity that you financed through the Joliba Trust. I had the chance last year to follow two deliveries in this same Maternity which is still a symbol of our link for everybody.
As for the Association of Pupils and students coming out of Téréli, Pégué and sympathisers, your support has been really notable for these last two years during the activities to raise the peoples´┐Ż awareness of relevant illnesses.
At Bamako, I am continuing my studies without any problem thanks to you who are supporting me all the time in what is needed in documents, lodgings and food. We mustn‘t forget lots of other things that have happened in this link.
In total, this link remains for the people one of the relationships which has never before existed directly between the two populations of the North and the South. We salute this link with great respect. To reinforce the advantages of this friendship, I propose the following as recommendations to you:
- the continuation of exchanges between the different schools - the continuation of exchanges between the two populations - to give the chance, to those who would like to visit Téréli, even to see holiday camps for pupils from Burley to Téréli - occasionally sending works of art from Téréli to Burley
I couldn‘t possibly finish this message without thanking for myself and for all the people of Téréli and surroundings:
- the instigators of ‘On the Line‘ - (Zakari then mentioned several individuals he has had contact with) - the different religious communities - the different schools in Burley in Wharfedale - Burley Community Council - the Burley in Wharfedale Library - all of the people of Burley, especially those who contribute every day to the success of the link and who haven‘t been mentioned above. Receive from here all our recognition and gratitude My most sincere greetings to you all. With best wishes - Zakari Saye

March 06
Zakari has written about their plans to create three new classrooms at the school in Téréli. At present the school only goes to year 6. They are hoping to provide secondary education in Téréli.

February 06
We have received the following letter from Douru
Thak you for everything you're doing for me and for other people in Mali. Thank you for the precious tape recorder and tape. I've been listening to the different tapes you've sent me repeatedly. Tell Angus, Judith, Mirella and Peter and the others that I send them my greetings and my best wishes. What you are doing for me is very important. May God bless you. My wife, our three daughters and I are well. I hope you'll be visitingMali again and we'll have the opportunity to meet and enjoy spending time together.
Sincerely - Douru Tembely.

January 06
News of Téréli came in a totally unexpected way this month. Revd. Michael Upton from Devon knows of our 'On the Line Link.' When his daughter Sue mentioned her work in Mali would take her to the Dogon region he suggested Téréli might be a place she could visit. Sue Upton was able to visit Téréli and received a great welcome. She has emailed a photo of the headteacher by the Well . It was good to get her news and the greetings from our friends in Téréli.

December 05
We have heard that many villages in the Dogon have had little harvest. A combination of drought and locusts has brought much hardship.

November 05
Zakari started his 6th year at Medical School in Bamako. He has sent details of books he will need and other expenses.
For the whole of the year, in total, here are the expenses I must pay for:
Room + water + electricity: 12 000 Fcfa x 9 = 108 000 Fcfa
Food: 15 000 Fcfa per month (500 Fcfa/day) x 9 = 135 000 Fcfa
Book on Therapeutics, Volumes 1 & 2: 42 575 Fcfa x 2 = 85 150 Fcfa
Book on Toxicology, Volume 1: 11 250 Fcfa
Book on Medical Law, Volume 1: 10 000 Fcfa
Total: 349 400 cfa

October 05
News has come from Téréli that the rain stopped at the end of August. Crops which had been growing well have withered. People are very worried about the situation.

September 05
Zakari has passed his exams and will start his 6th year at Medical School on 1 November. During his stay in Téréli more work was done on the health awareness campaign which was so successful last year.

August 05
We received the following letter from Douru Sylvestre Tembely who visited Burley in March 2000
Dear Mary and John,
My wife Mary, our daughters Beatrice, Irene and Helene and I are well. It's now the rainy season here and there's green grass everywhere. I'm nostalgic of Burley, its landscape, its homes, its people, specially the room where I slept, the time we shared breakfast and other meals together but also the other places I visited and people I met. I hope I'll be back to enjoy more the beauty of your country.
Hoping you're well . I send you our family photograph and carved wood you could use in the kitchen and for Mr John. Mary and the children are wearing our Parish 50th Anniversary uniform and I am wearing a traditional cloth you've certainly seen with old men when you visited our country.
My greetings to Judith, the different church leaders in Burley and others I met in Liverpool, Huyton and elsewhere in UK.
Douru Sylvestre Tembely

July 05
Zakari was well enough to take his exams. At the end he had two weeks in which to rest before returning to Téréli. While he is there he will do 4 weeks practice at the hospital in Sangha.

June 05
Zakari has sent a photograph of his bike and helmet. He has been ill for a month. This has made it difficult for him to study for his exams which start in July.

May 05
We received photographs showing 3 babies born within two hours in the Maternity Centre in Téréli. There were also photographs showing the collection of stones and the transport of stones for the Birthing House in Tanoua.

April 05
News from Zakari – ‘I have at last bought my bike with the helmet. It suits me very well! I drive without any problem and getting to the placement does not give me any difficulty. It cost 650 000F cfa, including the helmet. I added the sum of 110 469F cfa. I thank you very much indeed. I am really very grateful (happy). I took a photo of the bike and I will send it next week.‘

March 05
A letter was sent to Dogolou, Zakari's father, asking if he wished us to help Zakari with his transport problem. Zakari has worked as a Tour Guide in his holidays and had already saved some money towards the cost of the bike. The following is part of the reply.
‘ All is well here for the moment except for the everyday problems of our country. Zakari sent me your letter. Thank you for all the help you are giving him. Thanks to you he is studying. As for the moped, he has been speaking to me about it for a long time, but I did not have the money to help him. It would be good if you helped him and he will wear a crash helmet.
Greetings to all our friends in Burley.
Thanks for all you are doing for us.
Dogolou Saye – (with the signed stamp of the Village Chief)‘

February 05
A postcard showing a traditional well came from Douru Tembely. He sends greetings to everyone he met during his stay in Burley. We also heard from Zakari.‘ At the moment I am doing my practical 20km from Bamako, at Kati, in a military hospital. The work is very hard with soldiers but I am learning lots of things very quickly. On the other hand, I have a huge problem about getting there. At the moment, I go with a friend who has a motorbike. Sometimes I have a serious problem, especially the day when he doesn't go! I would like to buy a bike to help me with my placement, but I find myself in a position where it is absolutely impossible to buy one because of lack of financial means‘.

January 05
Greetings from Zakari ‘A good and happy new year 2005 to you. May 2005 be for you a year of good health, long life, success, prosperity, love and forgiveness. May God grant everything that is good for you.’

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