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December 04
During the last few months the people in the Dogon region have been very worried about locusts. We have heard that in the districts round Téréli 9 villages lost crops – far better than was forecast – but the situation in other areas round Mopti was much worse.

November 04
We received a parcel from Zakari containing four T shirts and a diploma.

‘Diplome d‘Honneur’

Awarded to Burley Community Council (England) for its financial help in the awareness campaign about the problems of public health in central Dogon: causes of malaria and HIV/AIDS

Téréli 4 September 2004

The diploma has been framed and can be seen in the library. The t shirts have been printed with the message ‘Working against malaria and HIV/AIDS.’

October 2004
We were delighted to hear that Zakari has passed his examinations and started the fifth year at medical school on 15 October.
News has also arrived from Zakari that the locusts are in the Dogon region. His message ends – “You really must pray for us”

September 2004
Zakari sent the following email after returning from Téréli.

“I have just got back from the village. Everything is fine down there. I have returned very tired after a good success of our project. The whole village was there. And more than Téréli, there were six other villages and all these in the presence of the Mayor. This has been a total success. I shall send you the report as soon as it has been finished.”

August 2004

Rhoda is now able to train the diploma village midwives in the Maternity in Téréli. It is very encouraging to see the development taking place since the Maternity was built.

July 2004

At the meeting of the Burley Community Council on June 17 it was announced that £200 would be given to help Zakari with his project. Subsequently another £200 has been received from people keen to give support. The money, transferred on July 20, will be of enormous value to Zakari. He writes “We are very moved by this considerable help (aid). We see along with everyone else (all the other members of the population) just how much you are fighting for the development of the village. We are very happy with your aid and I am sure that you will have a clear satisfaction with how this money is going to be used.”

June 2004

Zakari’s examinations start on June 16. He has sent details of a campaign he is involved with to make people in the area round Téréli more aware about Malaria and AIDS. It is being organised by the National Association of Students and Pupils of Téréli, Pegue and Sympathisers and Zakari is the General Secretary. The campaign will be from 6 – 12 September 2004.

May 2004

One of the Dogon Village Birth Attendants, Rhoda, who has now reached ‘diploma’ level in midwifery practice has been on a two week training at the Sangha Medical Centre. She will now be able to vaccinate children for measles and meningitis at the Maternity in Téréli and to treat and help prevent the various local types of malaria.

April 2004

News has come from Sekou Diarra who was the Field Officer for Christian Aid in Mali. In September 2003 he left Christian Aid and is now studying Social and Economic Justice at a university in Belgium. His course is going well and he has passed his first examination.

March 2004

We were very concerned to hear that Zakari has lost many of his possessions in a fire. Fortunately he was not burnt and friends helped him during this difficult time.

February 2004

The 2004 Calendar raised £800. Money had been borrowed so the school in Téréli could have a well – this money helped cover the cost. It has made a huge difference in the school having access to clean water.

January 2004

Zakari sends greetings and wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We have also heard from Douru who thanks us for the T–shirts. He sends his best wishes to the children from the United Reformed Church and their leaders and to the students and teachers of the school he visited.

December 2003

We have heard from Zakari that the T–shirts sent to him have arrived.

November 2003

We have had news that following the excellent rain this year people are bringing in very good harvests. In addition those involved with agroforestry programmes have reported great success. As there has been such remarkable rain 20,000 new saplings have been grown.

October 2003

Earlier in the year youngsters who go to Pilots at Salem United Reformed Church took part in the “World of Difference” competition. A huge frieze was made of the village of Téréli. In addition they decided to get T–shirts made showing some of the wonderful drawings sent from the school in Téréli. Some were also made with scenes from both villages. We have just sent :–

30 T–shirts for the children at the school in Téréli
10 T–shirts via Zakari for the Village Chief, Dogolou, and other adults
6 T–shirts to Douru who came to stay (see visitors to Burley)

September 2003

Great news from Zakari.

‘I have just had my results. I got a first class pass! Out of 1009, there are 85 of us who have got the exam. It is such an enormous joy.’

August 2003

Zakari has just finished his third year at Medical School in Bamako. The examinations were late this year because there had been strikes.

July 2003

The following letter was received from the school in Téréli :

Dear Mary,
The pupils, teachers and parents’ association were delighted to receive the beautiful well which you have made possible through Djoliba Travaux. It has been a great a great help to me as headmaster to be able to start my work in Téréli with your valuable help for our pupils. The canteen so near to the well water is a real pleasure. The whole school community is happy to have water at the school. Previously the pump was a problem as it cost 50,000 to 75,000 CFA francs to repair each time itr broke down. Well done Madame for your varied and well–directed support.

Since March 2003 the pupils can drink and wash at school without worry. Please be our messenger to the dear donors: I hope they’ll be able to join us in future projects at the school. All the pupils say thank you and are counting on you. Soon we’ll send you some children’s drawings celebrating the well you have funded. Right now they're preoccupied with their studies – they want to do well in high schools. A big thank you to the pupils, teachers and donors in your country. May peace be with you all. Amen. All the teachers join me in sending you our best wishes; now we look forward to further actions on your part. Hoping to hear from you very soon, we say goodbye...

signed by all the teachers

June 2003

Photographs showing the women at the Maternity have arrived. The Joliba Trust sent them with the news that the Maternity was officially opened on June 7.

May 2003

More photographs showing the work on the well have been sent by the Joliba Trust. It is possible to follow every stage of the really hard work.

April 2003

Amazing photographs showing the start of work on the well have been received. As the depth of the well increased the work became much more difficult. At one point it was so hard it took a day to increase the depth by a metre. Great news arrived saying they have reached water.

March 2003

We received photographs showing the finishing touches to the Maternity. Work on the well has started.

February 2003

This letter was received from the school in Téréli.
Translation – thanks to Dorothy
Téréli 13 January

Dear Mary Wood – Hello

Firstly let us send you our best wishes for 2003 which has already begun.

Speaking on behalf of the teaching staff, the pupils and the parents we give you our best wishes for 2003. We hope that the year 2003 which has just begun will be a year of joy, prosperity, peace and success in all your affairs and an easy continuity in our relations. These same wishes are sent also to all your family, your friends, your colleagues as well as to the whole village of Burley in Wharfedale – including the school (the pupils and teachers), the Mayor and councillors of Burley.

We send our thanks to everyone for the support that you are giving the school in Téréli. We are very happy to receive – via Joliba – the sum of 420,000cf to start up the school canteen. Since we had no equipment whatsoever here is what we have bought so far, after consultation with the parents.

Equipment for the kitchen 1 casserole (pan?) no25 20,000cf
1 casserole (pan?) no10 15,300cf
40 aluminium cups @ 2,500= 100,000cf
10 plastic buckets @ 1,000 = 10,000cf
2 plastic bowls @ 2,000 = 4,000cf
1 empty barrel 6,000cf
3 lids 1,500cf
10 jars 2,000cf
2 sauce spatulas 400cf
4 sieves @ 300 1,200cf
2 (?) steamers 10,000cf
4 grinders 5,000cf
1 improved hearth no 25 ( ? hotplate) 3,500cf
1 improved hearth no 10 2,200cf
10 loads of wood 15,000cf

Total 196,000cf

Millet and other ingredients

10 ton millet @17,600 176,000cf
10 empty sacks @ 300 3,000cf
1 sack of salt � 4,000cf
10kg of fish 6,000cf
10 kg of onions 10,000cf
Peppers 500cf
Okra 5,000cf
cube of ?magi 3,000cf

Total 207,500cf

The rest of the money is for the mill and the unexpected expenses. At the moment we are counting on you for the continuation of the canteen because the children will eat 1 ton millet in a month.

We are counting on God and you.
Thank you – thank you very much from
(the letter was signed by all the teachers and the president of the Parents Association)

January 2003

When the calendar was produced, in addition to the Maternity, money was given to the school in Téréli. They decided that their greatest need was a well. They saved the money but in January found out, after the visit of the well technician from the Catholic Mission in Pel, that because of a drop in the water–table and lack of funds at Pel, an extra £1,200 was needed. The Christian Aid Committee spent much time discussing the situation and decided to accept the offer of a loan so the money could be sent and work on the well could start straight away. Clean water is essential for the children’s health and they will also be able to learn vegetable gardening. This will be of great benefit now that they have a school canteen.

Notelets showing different aspects of life in Téréli have been produced. Money raised has already been sent to the Joliba Trust and Christian Aid. Further sales will help cover the cost of the well as the work is being done by technicians from the Catholic Mission.

December 2002

The following request was received from the Director of the school in Téréli: What the Director has asked for is food aid for the canteen for 301 pupils.

The children come from Daga, Nacombo, Guemto, Komokan, Kerougamana and Sono (some of these villages are a very long walk of about 8 miles each way and some are on the plateau so they have to climb the escarpment). Because of the bad harvest, the children are passing all the day with a porridge (ground uncooked millet in water) that is almost water. They have finished constructing a store–room and refectory but there is nothing to give to the children to eat.

£415 was sent to the school to provide food for the children.

November 2002

News has come that Zakari has passed his examinations and starts his third year at Medical School in Bamako on 18 November.

September 2002

For some time we have been aware of the food shortages in many countries in Southern Africa. This year the rains in the Dogon region of Mali were poor. In Téréli alone 290 out of 310 families have had no harvest. The photographs show how bad the situation is.

At Harvest time St. Mary’s Parish Church, as well as Burley and Woodhead Church of England Primary School, sent money to the Joliba Trust to help in the Dogon Region. Donations from the Community Council coffee morning were also sent. Burley Methodist Church sent money to Christian Aid for the Southern Africa Appeal.