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Drawing by Mamadou Saye
This drawing was done by Mamadou Saye. We have received many drawings from the school in Téréli.

Téréli, a village in the Dogon region of Mali, is linked with Burley in Wharfedale through the ‘On the Line’ project which was the brainchild of Jon Snow.

 How it all began
A boy called Zakari Saye from Tereli was instrumental in this link being formed. Youngsters in Burley also played a vital role. [more]

Location of the villages

 Visitors from Mali
Since 1999 several friends from Mali have visited Burley. [more].

 Visit to Téréli 2000
Mary and John went to Téréli on a visit organised by Christian Aid. [more]
 Visit to Téréli 2007
Mary & John Wood and Anne Parker visit Mali January / February 2007 [more]

See some of the wonderful drawings sent from Téréli [more]
Téréli / Burley in Wharfedale calendars

Information about the well built with the proceeds of the 2004 calendar

Information about the maternity built with some of the proceeds of the 2002 calendar

Notelets – how you can support the project.

 Latest News
View the latest news from Téréli