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January picture
January – The village of Téréli drawn by Senou Saye
February picture
February – The Weir, Burley in Wharfedale – David Howe
March picture
March – Raising sheep in Téréli – Jamie Carstairs
April picture
April – Sheep with their lambs grazing in field behind Parish Church
May picture
May – Market Day in Téréli – Sébastien Boulanger
June picture
June – The annual 'Duck Race' Burley 2005 – Reg Watts

We have produced a calendar for 2006 which illustrates many of the topics which can be found on the web site.

There are drawings by some of the children – January – and on the front cover. There are photographs showing life in both villages. Rearing sheep can be seen on the March and April pages. The Market and Greengrocers are featured in May and August. The contrasting landscape can be seen on many months. There are photographs of different seasons in Burley.

Some of the proceeds will be given to help fund Zakari while he is at medical school and to his health awareness campaign.

July   picture
July – Tree Planting in Téréli – Sébastien Boulanger
August picture
August – Country Corner Burley – Reg Watts
September picture
September – Three babies born in the Maternity Centre in Téréli – Apomi Saye
October picture
October – The Village Green Fountain, Burley – Reg Watts
November picture
November – The rocky landscape of Téréli
December picture
December – River Wharfe, Burley in Wharfedale – Burley Community Council