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Front picture
Front 2009 Calendar
January picture
January – Year 6 pupils in Téréli Primary School
March picture
March – Children collecting water from the well at the primary school in Téréli
April picture
April – The Round House,
Burley in Wharfedale
May picture
May – The Toguna in Téréli where it is possible to meet in the shade
June picture
June – Oxeye daisies flourish on Burley's verges – Anne Riley

We have produced a calendar for 2009 which illustrates many of the topics which can be found on the web site.

The 2009 calendar includes photographs from the visit to Téréli in January 2007. Several photographs show young people in both villages. The Round House (April) and Toguna (May) are meeting places in our respective villages. Some photographs feature water - in Burley it is enjoyed in leisure time - in Téréli it is a scarce and precious resource.
After building the classrooms the most urgent need now is to provide a well for the secondary school and improve the water supply to the primary school. The well has run dry before the end of the dry season on at least two occasions. After a village meeting in July 2008 Zakari informed us that a second well is necessary. Funds will be targeted for this essential work.

Proceeds from this calendar will be shared between the well for the school in Téréli and the Joliba Trust.

Calendars cost £5 plus postage – for more information contact us

July   picture
July – Women carrying water up the escarpment in Téréli
August picture
August – Playing round the Water Feature, Burley in Wharfedale
September picture
September – Watering trough attached to the well in a Fulani village, provided by the Joliba Trust
October picture
October – River Wharfe, Burley in Wharfedale, photo David Howe
November picture
November – Drawing of Téréli by Mathieu Saye Year 6 pupil at Téréli Primary School
December picture
December – Sun Lane Nature Reserve and Wild Life Sanctuary – Anne Riley