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Front picture
Front 2011 Calendar
January picture
January – Director Issiaka Tembine with pupils in Téréli Secondary School.
February picture
February – The Green,
Burley Woodhead
March picture
March – Vegetable garden in front of Téréli Secondqry School
April picture
April – Cowslips on verge near Burley House
May picture
May – Dr. Zakari Saye in Dogon village near Téréli

We have produced a calendar for 2011 which illustrates many of the topics which can be found on the web site.

Photographs in the calendar reflect life in the two villages. Growing onions on the rocky plateau (July) illustrates the harsh environment in the Dogon area. Malian friends who have visited Burley are amazed to see our green verges (April), allotments (August) and fields (October).

Proceeds from this calendar will go towards medical equipment in Téréli and the Joliba Trust.

Calendars cost £6 plus postage – for more information contact us

June picture
June –The annual ‘Duck Race‘, Burley in Wharfedale
July   picture
July – Onions growing on the rocky plateau above Téréli
August picture
August – Burley Summer Festival – Open Allotments 2009
September picture
September – A picture of Téréli by Moise Saye, Year 8, Téréli Secondary School.
October picture
October – River Wharfe, Burley in Wharfedale
November picture
November – The well for Téréli Secondary School
December picture
December – Hag Farm Road, Burley in Wharfedale