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Front picture
Front 2015 Calendar
January picture
January – Children Playing in Téréli
February picture
February – Water Feature in Winter, Burley in Wharfedale
March picture
March – Reconstructing the well at Soninkeacute;
April picture
April – Woodland, Sun Lane Nature Reserve
May picture
May – Collecting millet from a granary

We have produced a calendar for 2015 which illustrates many of the topics which can be found on the web site.

Children have always inspired our link and helped to develop it in their own ways. The wonderful drawing on the front is by a youngster from Téréli and photos from both primary schools in Burley on the inside cover show their involvement.

In 2012 there were torrential rains causing much damage to crops and dwellings. The rains also caused unprecedented floods in the Dogon area in late 2012. This meant that many villages lost their traditional, earth-dug wells as they filled with soil. In some of these villages the Joliba Trust informed us that ‘women are now having to spend as much as 20 hours a day collecting water.‘ BTFT was able to send money to reinstate the well in three villages – the photo for March shows one of these wells.

Photographs in the calendar reflect life in both villages. As Le Tour de France was an important event in Burley it is shown in June and July.
The inside cover of the calendar has information and photos about the link including men at work in Burley and Téréli showing their skills at stone dressing and wall building. In Téréli the stone housing is essential to attract qualified teachers. In Burley an enthusiast uses the skills as part of an environmental project.

Proceeds from this calendar will be used to help the people of Téréli and the surrounding villages with projects to improve health, education and the environment.

Calendars cost £6 plus postage – for more information contact us

Christmas Cards have also been produced this year – A pack of 3 beautiful handmade cards costs £2.00 – for more information contact us

Notelets have also been produced – A pack of 8 containing 4 different images costs £4.00 – for more information contact us

June picture
June – The Eiffel Tower in Burley
July   picture
July – Le Tour de France in Burley
August picture
August – Preparing food for a special occasion
September picture
September – Burley House Field
October picture
October – Children carrying water
November picture
November – Songs of Praise from Africa, St. Mary‘s Singers
December picture
December – Teaching in Téréli