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Front picture
Front 2024 Calendar
January picture
January – We loved what you made. Thank you, Burley
February picture
February – Chilly in Burley
March picture
March – The daily balancing act
April picture
April – Spring has sprung in the park.

We have produced a calendar for 2024 which illustrates many of the topics which can be found on the web site.

Proceeds from this calendar will be used to help the people of Téréli and the surrounding villages with projects to improve health, education and the environment.

Burley-Téréli Friendship Trust 2024 Calendar cost £6
Contact Us if you would like a calendar.

Notelets have also been produced – A pack of 9 cards costs £4.00 – for more information contact us

May picture
May – Artistry in colour and dance
June picture
June – Solstice captured through his lens
July picture
July – At last! Our new well
August picture
August – Singing for Téréli
September picture
September – Home view of Téréli
October picture
October – ‘Walkers are Welcome’ stepping out!
November picture
November – Pounding millet under the beating sun
December picture
December – Burley Oaks School. Hands up for Santa!