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The Christian Aid Committee decided to make a calendar drawing on images from both Burley and Téréli. One of the reasons was because so many wonderful drawings had been sent by the children of the school in Téréli. April comprises four separate drawings. It is amazing what can be achieved with few resources. The boy who drew December's picture, Zakari, came to Burley for 3 weeks in August. 2001. His father, Dogolou Saye, is Village Chief. Zakari had the idea of having a friendship agreement between the villages.

On the reverse of each month there are French / English words and phrases. The reason for this is that we have been asked to help them with English. There are greetings and useful vocabulary lists. The Community Council in Burley bought 25 calendars for Zakari to take back so the school could use them with the older children. He also took a tape recording of the youngsters playing recorders. A battery–operated tape recorder was left in the school on the visit to Tereli organised by Christian Aid. They have sent tapes of village ceremonies and children singing.

The main aims were education and awareness. However the calendar made £2,300 profit which went to Christian Aid well digging projects in the area and the Joliba Trust for their work in Tereli. The school in Tereli decided that they needed a well and the Maternity was also built.

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