Burley in Wharfedale picture
Burley in Wharfedale
 How it all began
A boy called Zakari Saye from Téréli was instrumental in this link being formed. Youngsters in Burley also played a vital role. [more]
Location of Téréli
 Friendship Agreement
In 2001 a formal friendship agreement was made.
 Visitors from Mali
Since 1999 several friends from Mali have visited Burley. [more].
 Zakari visits Burley April 2017
Zakari visits Burley - find out more [more]
Previous visits were in 2001 Zakari visits Burley and in 2009 Zakari in Burley and London
 Visit to Téréli 2007
Friends from Burley visit Mali in 2007 and in 2000 [Visit to Mali in 2000]

Téréli, a village in the Dogon region of Mali, was first linked with Burley in Wharfedale, a village in West Yorkshire, through the ‘On the Line’ project which was the brainchild of Jon Snow.

‘Perhaps the most improbable link you can imagine, Téréli and Burley, yet linked by the reality that people in each village live life at exactly the same time despite being separated by thousands of miles. The shared interests, endeavours and aspirations of the two communities that are expressed in the link between Téréli and Burley illustrate the fact that despite our material divisions we are all one.’

Jon Snow

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Téréli picture
A Most Unlikely Friendship
Our first full length publication. On Sale now. We are delighted to announce that the story of our Link with Téréli, which has developed and thrived over the past twenty years, is now in print.
Find out more [more]
Jon Snow video
’On the Line’ link celebrating 20 years. As a Millennium project the link was established in January 2000. In 2020 we celebrated 20 years of Friendship. Jon Snow sent a video message which can be viewed on Burley Parish Council website.
Video message from Jon Snow
Ilkley Half Marathons
Team BTFT - Photos and information [more] Thanks for your support.
Téréli Primary School Well, The Maternity, Téréli Secondary School, The new Dispensary [more]
BTFT has many wonderful drawings [more]