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During the time of the ‘On the Line’ link many projects have been supported in the area round Téréli.
In addition support has been given to the Joliba Trust who work in the wider Dogon region. This has included wells, sand dune stabilisation, tree planting and bee keeping. The calendars listed have photos of many of these projects.
Click on the links below to find out more about projects in Téréli.
In 2020 there was very little harvest as a result of the conflict in the area. An appeal raised money to distribute tonnes of millet to Téréli and neighbouring villages during 2021 ‐ helping out until harvest.
Téréli Dispensary Extension 2015/2019
Téréli Secondary School repairs 2014/2015
Threshing / Hulling Machine 2014
Teachers Accommodation 2013
Téréli Dispensary 2011- 2012
Téréli Secondary School Garden
Téréli Secondary School Books 2009 - 2010
Téréli Secondary School Well 2009
Office, toilets and furniture for Téréli Secondary School 2008/09
Téréli Secondary School 2007
Téréli Primary School Well 2003/2004
Notelets 2002/2003
Téréli Maternity 2002/2003
Much of the money raised to fund these projects came from calendar sales.
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