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Welcome to this section of the web site which has details of material that can be used in schools.

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A Learning Resource Pack has been produced full of information, activities, stories and photographs on DVD and CD. The information in this pack is tailored to complement the Key Stage 2 curriculum with a particular emphasis on Global Citizenship linking to literacy, numeracy, geography and PHSE curricula. Its aim is to embed cross curricula subject knowledge through our extraordinary and real project to inspire the next generation to take action.

Books, for children by children, are also available   Water,   Environment,   Education,   Health,  Culture.

Section 2

How you can order the Learning Resource Pack and Books.

The Learning Resource Pack, which is a stand alone pack, costs £10 + P&P £2

The Books cost £5 each + P&P £2

A set of 5 books cost £20 + P&P £3

A combined Learning Resource Pack plus a set of 5 Books cost £30 + P&P £4.50

To order contact us

Section 3

Additional material for teachers who are already using the Books and Learning Resource Pack.

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